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Get Up To Date With Social Media Trends

What’s Now?

Do you feel like every time you log into your Facebook there is a new social media trend that’s taken over your News Feed? From that infamous black and blue or white and gold dress to the most recent Yanni and Laurel scandal, it’s something that we come at with open arms on these global platforms. Now, do you ever think to yourself, what’s next? What will be the next big thing? In the world of social media, new and upcoming trends get thrown at us in hopes that they become the next Yanni and Laurel of our generation. But, unlike those viral trends, it’s hard to predict which ones are here for the long term.

What’s Next?

In a list of the “10 Major Social Media Trends to Know For 2018” written by Buffer Social, it is reported that social messaging and chatbots are two trends that are going to make a transformational shift in social this year. Although bots have been transitioning into social, these two trends are working hand in hand and have been growing at a significant rate. Businesses are incorporating chatbots and messaging into their everyday online platforms so they don’t miss a beat with their clientele. Sending a message to a website after hours? Chatbot. Have a question about store hours or locations? Odds are you’re connected with the company bot. This trend is not only creating ease of use for the customer, but also for the business.

No Time Like The Present

There is no time like to present to begin incorporating these social media trends into your everyday practices and begin using them to improve your online presence in the year to come.

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