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Why You Need To Use Social Media Marketing & Advertising In 2020 and beyond!

You’ve heard that Social Media can be an effective tool for advertising, but you may be a little hazy on exactly why it’s a necessary part of your business’ marketing pie. Let us break down the benefits for you:

1. It's Progressive

We live in a digital age where technology and communications are continuously changing and rapidly improving. In 2019, social media platforms are at the forefront with the capability of delivering immediate messages to targeted audiences.

For anyone with access to the platforms, this enables quick and easy 2-way communication between your business and customers so that you can build relationships anytime, anywhere. 

2. It's Cost-Effective

Media marketing no longer has to involve astronomical costs.

Running a commercial during prime-time TV can cost $50,000+ while running an ad on Facebook can cost as little as $5 per day or beyond $100,000.

YOU get to determine your budget and be in control of how much you spend.

While sponsored ads are the most effective method for achieving your marketing objectives, you don't have to run ads for your business to be active on social media - most platforms support free profiles and with engaging organic content, your business can still build brand awareness, foster leads and generate conversions.

3. It’s Targeted

When you advertise in a newspaper, anyone with access to that newspaper will see your ad, no matter what age, sex, education level, personal hobbies, etc.

But, with social media advertising, you can (to a degree) set parameters for the ideal groups of people whom you wish to see your offer. You may only need to target men that drive a particular make of vehicle or women that are interested in gardening.

Social media advertising makes this possible. When creating an advertisement, most platforms allow you to set your targeted audience as broad or specific as you like. You can choose things like age, sex, education, occupation, interests, hobbies, and more - there are thousands of options available so that you can continually define and refine the customer segments most applicable to your offer. 

4. It’s Measurable

Social media platforms measure and provide a variety of metrics so that we can measure campaign performance and determine success. We are able to measure how many users saw a post and/or performed some type of action on it.

Further, we can track more detailed aspects like the reached audience’s demographics. Analyzing these analytics will help to better understand your audience so that we can create content that is more relevant and resonates with the target audience, and develop more successful strategies.

At AYS, we continuously keep accurate records of a multitude of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to track and analyze success. This ensures we are providing the most effective social media marketing and advertising strategies tailored to each of our clients.

5. It Supports a Variety of Content

Photo, video, cinemagraph, live stream, virtual reality and more. Using a variety of content formats will help keep users engaged with your brand. While there is space for text captions & descriptions, most platforms (and people!) algorithmically prefer video content.

With higher metrics across the board, video comes in as the king of content and brands should plan to use more of it in 2019 to engage their target audiences. 

To learn more about how Are You Social can get your business on Social Media and use effective marketing & advertising, contact us today.

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