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Why you should use Social Media Content Calendars

Social Media Content Calendars are the key to planning out what you’re covering for your month in social. By pre-planning your content, it gives you the opportunity to brainstorm things like themed-weeks and event posts in advance all while looking like you thought of it on the spot. Below are the top 3 reasons why we think content calendars are the Holy Grail.

1. Organization

If you’re like us, you have a million things going on! Organizing your content calendar can cut back a lot of time during the day while you’re posting. You always know when, where, and what exactly you are posting days before and at the moment you need to do it – talk about efficiency.

2. Client Appreciation

If you work for a social media agency and have clients who are counting on you to post on social for them, sending them a content calendar with your tentative monthly plans might just give you a step above your competition. Let them know that you do have big plans for them this month and give them a content break down of what big things you have coming up for their company.

3. Goal Setting

Having goals with your overall social strategy is important, but you can break it down and start small with your monthly goals. Checking each insight from your posts and tracking your growth will help you gauge what content you will want to put on your content calendar for future months. Your performance each month is based on the last, so it’s important to find out what worked and what didn’t. Using tools like a content calendar will help you to better organize your posts and better understand what works best for your business.

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